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T!JJ tlr'rd Jr isr^fi'A    Firstly, after bath  the couple

L\ the g^n.i cf *i.s ilr.L'x    Tl;en both cf them,   followed by kins-

men, so ritcalh towards the forest.


rid^rccm brings with him a spade and a crowbar

to dig "Aarika Teg/.!:*" <'ed:!::b3e rootsi. He is followed by the

bride, and cf either side. The bride carries a bamboo

basket along with a "soinniu" troll of cloth) on her head to cairy

it hoir.e \\:ih tha "SCT.H:-:"'ur.d^r the basket. She Is expected to

coilee: rii:::;!1;' in this basket, the roots dug by her husband. She

carries v.i:h her alighted "Bendif (twisted hay) also. According

to custom, the nevvly weds should light their cigars with the help

of the fir;- of the *Bsndu\ and siroke together happily They should

cimAlfP* flhpi fir*'TIT *!i11v

" MiiV'Nv   HAW   Lit; til   *illi%

11.W,                                                wu

After lunch en the third day. the conple'and their parents

go to the bride-grcGir/s hcufr. While the other relatives disperse,

the girl's irether I-as to remain ^ith her daughter until the 9th


Oi* the 9th da\ the bride's mother brings the ccuple back

toher\i!>ge. Chefcji fixes Ire dfte fcr the coDsmrmaticn on

any day after the 9th and before the 30th day after marriage. The

nuptials are celebrated in the bride-groom's house.

These  marriage rites   are the traditional custom  of the

Gadabaf.   Chetfoji is the traditional priest.   These have   not cha-

nged with the passage of time.   However, in recent times,  to show

their superiority cner the '"backward" tribals the Gadabas of Raja

Cheniui Vabsa, have begun tc resort to the Brahman priest;   to

insist on tying a gold Mangala Sutra;   to arrange the playing of

records on electronic equipment at the time of the wedding. A small

number of them have picked up the dowry evil from the Hindus :

The few, v,-ho on account of a little education are fortunate enough

to secure petty Government jobs,   are collecting dowry from the